About Shristi Foundation

About Shristi Foundation

Shristi foundation is a non-profit Organization committed towards improving education at rural areas by providing suitable learning environment. Inspired by volunteerism, the foundation aims at addressing the issues that are at the core of rural backwardness. We at Shristi foundation believe that education is the most powerful tool in bringing about transformation in the rural landscape of India.

Our projects are specially designed in providing financial and non-financial assistance such as books, study materials etc. to rural students especially from economically backward background.

We have plans to open library facilities so that students can have access to different kinds of quality study materials to broaden their horizon. A model library will also have computer labs with internet facility, Xerox machines and printers etc.

In order to prepare the students to take up the challenges of modern education, classes on computer,  spoken English, career guidance, yoga and other sports activities are also planned to be undertaken.

We have taken a little step towards making a small change in the society. Please do join us to take it forward by contributing either by financially or kind in any of our planned activities.